5 Benefits of Hiring Our Infusion Team

When you have healthcare concerns, you may find yourself in need of an infusion team that can help you to begin feeling better as soon as possible. If you have yet to find an infusion team to join you on your health journey, here are 5 wonderful reasons to choose the experts at Vasco Infusion.

1. We Care

Here at Vasco Infusion we truly care about not only our patient’s and their health but also their comfort. We will do everything that we can to make sure that your stay with us is comfortable. We know you are already likely not feeling very well if you are coming to see us. So we want to make your experience the best that it can possibly be and provide you with the utmost comfort.

2. We Offer Free Wi-Fi and Even Personal TVs in Most Centers

If you have ever had an infusion, then you already know that the wait can be a little boring. That is why we offer free Wi-Fi at all of our infusion centers. We also offer personal TV’s at most infusion stations so that you can enjoy your favorite show while you wait for your infusion to be done. So whether you are a sports fan who can’t miss the score or a reality TV guru who always has a famous family to keep up with, you will be able to do it all while you receive your treatment.

3. We Accept Medicare and Most Insurances

Unlike some infusion teams, not only do we accept most insurances, but we also happily accept Medicare. If you are unsure if your insurance is covered, please give our friendly office staff a call. They will help you to decide if our office accepts your insurance. If we do, we can go ahead and take down your info to make check-in much simpler once you arrive.

4. Private Rooms Are Available

If you have a procedure that makes you feel a little queasy or you simply would like to be alone, we offer private rooms to help make your stay more comfortable. Many patients who are receiving infusions such as chemo to treat cancer or steroids to tackle MS will wish to stay in a private room. This is because both meds can cause some side effects but also because these drugs can lower your ability to fight off germs. This can offer added protection for when your immune system is at a low point.

5. We Offer Flexible Scheduling

Our infusion team knows that it can be difficult for you to get away from your ordinary life even to take care of health concerns. This is especially true if you are treated for a chronic illness. This is why we offer flexible scheduling to make your treatment fit into your life and not the other way around.

When you need experts who care about every aspect of your healthcare journey, turn to us. We will walk with you every step of the way, ensuring that you are your healthiest, happiest you.