A Quick Guide to Your First Infusion Appointment

So you’re getting ready for your first trip to a Phoenix infusion center. Congratulations on making such an important first step to maintaining your health and well-being! This form of treatment should bring you all sorts of benefits and improve your overall quality of life immensely. However, before you head off to your first appointment, you may find yourself curious about what to expect. Keep reading this blog for a quick crash course!

Make Your Comfort Known

Vasco Infusion is long renowned for putting the patient’s needs and comfort first, but we can’t do that properly if you don’t speak up when our treatment methods are causing you discomfort. If the treatment nurse for your infusion therapy does anything that lessens the experience of your infusion session, be sure to let them know. We hire only the most compassionate and qualified experts who will understand your needs and be sure to adjust your treatment upon request. This is why we’re known as the best infusion center in the Phoenix area!

Keep Up with Your Fluids

Be sure to drink plenty of water before you go in for treatment, but don’t treat it like those big finals from your college days! Chugging a ton of water, the day before won’t help you, and will likely just cause you to use the bathroom much more often. Rather, spread out your fluid intake, so you get a healthy amount each day in the days leading up to your visit to an infusion center.

Heat Helps

One of the biggest obstacles your Phoenix infusion center nurse may experience during your treatment is simply finding a vein! If you know your veins are especially prone to hiding, you can help your nurse out by requesting to apply dry heat to your infusion site. This will pull your veins closer to the surface, allowing your nurse to locate them more easily and start your infusion therapy faster.