Do you accept Medicare patients?

Yes! We are a Medicare certified infusion center and can bill Medicare B.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes! Many of the products we infuse offer copay assistance cards to help with the cost of the medication. Unfortunately, government plans are not eligible for copay assistance. We are happy to work with all patients on payment plans.

Why choose Vasco Infusion?

We offer a safe, friendly, and cost-efficient alterative to infusions that would otherwise need to be completed in a hospital. Our Infusion Specialists will explore every possibility to ensure you pay the least amount of money while receiving the highest level of care.

Who will provide the infusion?

Vasco Infusion only hires infusion-experienced registered nurses to ensure you have the best outcome and experience. Physician support is also available on site.

What do I need to do prior to my infusion?

Drink plenty of water before your infusion. Try to wear loose fitting clothes to make it easier for the staff to monitor you. Bring books, magazines, or electronics if you would prefer to not watch television.

What medical insurances do you accept?

Please see the following PDF for the types of medical insurances accepted.